Radio Soleil d'HAITI. Live 24 hr. Radio Soleil . La radio de la communaute haitienne de New york.The 24 hour Haitian Radio station in New York    Half a million captive, dedicated listeners                                A growing niche market that relies on Radio Soleil for direction             The fastest growing small business community            One third of the buying power of the Caribbean community.  At Radio Soleil we use the "G" Word a lot. With a captive listener base of more than 600,000 Haitians spread across the tri-state area, a "Guaranteed" Audience is what the people at Radio Soleil enjoy and offer. As a pioneer of Haitian-American radio journalism broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 3 languages, Radio Soleil transmits its own sub-signal from Brooklyn to receivers as far away as Philadelphia. With 5 hour-long news programs, hourly news updates and 3 two hour-long weekly news analysis magazines, the station helps its eager listeners remain the best informed segment of the Caribbean market. It isn’t just the news that allows Radio Soleil the luxury of A "Guaranteed" Audience. The special relationships developed during "Call-IN" Shows and multiple services to the community have led to true loyalty; a loyalty which is the public side of a relationship carried on in the home, the office, the cab, the restaurant, the park or anywhere the listeners care to touch the link to their culture.
Radio Lakay International is a 24-hour Haitian sub-carrier radio station operating currently in Brooklyn, New York.  Tree years ago, Radio Lakay was operating as a low power radio station. During the same period of time, a group of religious entrepreneurs started in New Jersey a sub-carrier radio station under the name of Trans Continental.In December of 2000, the need to reach a larger audience prompted the managers of Radio Lakay to take over the frequency of 96.3 SCA, which has been experience great success.
La Voix Evangelique . Le  programme de  la  Radio  Evangelique  Haitienne.  Com,  est  une  Emissions Evangelique  qui  est  patronnee  par The Pentecostal Church of God of Brooklyn, New York  Chers  amis  et freres  et soeurs  en J esus-Christ  ecoutez nos Emissions evangelique tous les jours et 24 heures par jour Live sur  Internet) en composant:
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A voluntary contribution of  $20 minimum per year. That's all it takes to express your gratitude & support and, keep this site alive
Radio Leve Kanpe (kampe),  La Voix du peuple Haitien . Notre Mission: Eduquer, Informer, distraire sont les objectifs de notre équipe formée de journalistes, d'animateurs, d'éditorialistes et rédacteurs chevronés. Nous sommes des hommes et femmes d'horizons divers unis par notre amour pour notre chère patrie. Nous n'appartenons à aucun camp si ce n'est celui d'Haiti, nous n'avons pas de clan. Nous n'avons pas d'appartenance politique en dehors de l'haitianisme et notre credo est la tolerance dans le respect de l'autre quel qu'il soit
Consulat Général de la République D'Haïti à New York .   Je suis heureux de vous souhaiter la bienvenue à la page informatique du consulat Haitien de New York. Au moment ou vous vous embarquez dans ce voyage virtuel du site, je veux bien partager avec vous la chaleur et l'hospitalité du peuple Haitien. Le Consulat Général de la République d'Haïti à New York dessert les Etats de New York, New jersey, Connecticut et Philadelphie. C'est dans ces Etats qu' on trouve la plus forte concentration de nos compatriotes. La mission du Consulat est de représenter la Communauté Haitienne résidant dans ces différents Etats. Les services de passeport, légalisation, mandats, conseil commercial et touristique ainsi que des avis communautaires et culturels font partie des attributions du Consulat.
This is the offical site of Fanmi Lavalas Commission of Communication.    Bienvenue sur notre siteLa Commission de Communication propose ce Site comme Organe de diffusion d´idées nouvelles. Cette tribune ouverte à tous les membres de l´Organisation et à ses sympathisants fonctionne suivant le principe de la PARTICIPATION. Chacun est libre de publier sur le site sans contrainte, mais avec respect et sens de responsabilité.
TELE IMAGE TV SHOW. Tele Image Tv show is a magazine formated tv show featuring news from haiti, entertainment, music videos, interviews, movie reviews and more
La Radio pa nou est une station de radio à caractère politico-commercial utilisant la sous fréquence 67 khz de la Family Radio une station évangélique ayant pour couverture, les états de New York, New Jersey, Connecticut et les limites de la Pennsylvanie.
Radio Tele Horizon 2000.   Radio Tele Horizon
Radio Perle Des Antilles - Brooklyn, New York - USA . 24 hours a day, seven days a week
Radio Citadelle Inter, ,Brooklyn New York..Radio Citadelle Inter a été fondée en Juillet 2001 et inaugurée le 15 Août 2001 dans la région de Queens Village par Alex Calixte, appelé couramment D.J. Alex. .
Radio Citadelle  Radio Citadelle also a full-featured online Community, with your own free E-mail service, a fan’s Club to browse album of photo of trend-setting bands, as well as the latest in-demand Music Videos all at your fingertip. Visit our Chat Room and make new Friends! Share your thought and solutions in our forums. We give you the opportunity to express your views, experiences and ideas. So, Come express you self with others! We are live 24/7 with your AJ as your DJ.Where you get the best of Haitians music: Old and emerging New Generation compas, unprecedented live performances by the very best bands in the Compas Industry and top-notched programming to get you going through the day and put you to sleep with a easy listening repertoire of R&B, soft rock, latin songs and french chansonnette, a large array of world music unique in our selections.
Welcome to  HaitiAN Marketplace  Online ,  your secure online shopping source for merchandise. Haitien Market Place Online: Find everything you need: Books, music, DVD, VHS, Magazines, Electronics,  Nenwpaper, magazines,Everything  Haitian, by Haitan and for haitian..... .  Un centre du livre haïtien sur internet. Des ouvrages d'Haiti et sur Haiti. .One of the most powerful  Haitian information pages. You will find everything Haitian on it. Check it out .Haitian products & services:: Books, Music, Flag, travel info, Cars, Hotels, stamps, arts... Haitian Market place  center. online
Radio Melody FM  Live 24 hours Radio from Long Island New york.  La force des ondes..News sports, culture, music
 Haitian Community forum. fowom ayisyen. Ann pale. News, music, sports,art, culture, politics, love & romance, gossip ( zin). Haitian Breaking News..
 Haïti Liberté is the largest Haitian weekly newspaper, distributed throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Haiti.  Haïti Liberté has merged its operations with the Haitian-American community’s foremost publication, the  Haitian Times, expanding the reach of both papers. There are close to 2 million Haitians living in North America and Europe where Haïti Liberté is distributed. Most Haitians speak Kreyòl but prefer to read in French. The paper is published in French, Kreyòl and English.
Travelocity: BEST FARE FINDER.  lower prices on airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, vacation packages and cruises that can't be found anywhere else.
RADIO PORT-AU-PRINCE PLUS Eglise Baptiste Des Rachetes du ChristRev. Jacques L. Deliat Chaque Dimanche de 4 heures a 5 heures P.M. Pain de VieFr. Noisius Wesner Chaque Dimanche de 7 heures a 8 heures P.M. Daniel Lormil Racontre avec les amoureuxChaque Dimanche de 9:30 heures a 11:00 heures P.M.  La voix de L'ambassade du ChristRev. Jean Raymond ElienChaque Samedi de 9 heures a 10 heures P.M.    PRESENTED IN CREOLE & ENGLISHETUDE BIBLIQUE/BIBLE STUDIES/MUSIQUES EVANGELIQUES/GOSPEL MUSIC/PREDICATIONS/SERMONS/NOUVELLE/NEWS/INFORMATION GENERALE/GENERAL INFORMATION.  Welcome To Radio Port-Au-Prince Plus and MDTV Show Website....Listen To The Best Haitian, Caribbean News/Music/Entertainment on Radio Port-Au-Prince Plus and Watch MD TV Show, The Best Haitian Community Entertainment Show on Television...Keep It Locked to Radio Port-Au-Prince Plus and MD TV Show!!!Radio Port-Au-Prince Plus is streaming LIVE 24/7 worldwide on the internet with the BEST Haitian news, music and  entertainment programming.In order to listen to Radio Port-Au-Prince Plus, watch Blaster Vision, or MD MUST have Windows Media Player....If you do not have it,Downlod it for FREE!!And  then come back here to click on the links on the left.
Haitian Events InformationWe bring the Entertainment to YOU. Your source for Haitian Events InformationMake us your weekly stop to what is happening and where to go. Be sure to subscribe to our e-mail list . Always Check out  for all the biggest events. And if you are a promoter remember that is the one stop events shopping for people on the go. Our reach has no boundaries as we now have over 30,000 Subscribers   . up  to date information about us, our activities, an additional information about the  Business and other topics of general interests..We are not simply DJs, but entertainers****Enjoy your time with us
A voluntary contribution of  $20 minimum per year. That's all it takes to express your gratitude & support and, keep this site alive is the number one destination for Haitian entertainment, music, cultural news, reviews and information.  We welcome the veteran world music fans, the collector and the novice.Read about popular and upcoming Haitian music artists on, by exploring feature articles about Haitian music legends and today's new stars.Find out about Haitian music concerts, party scenes and festivals with our user-friendly search options.   Click on our " review " tool bar to learn about music concerts and festivals.  Click on the "reviews" toolbar to discover the hottest hangouts wherever you are.  Search for Haitian music happenings by artist, month, day, year, city, and state.Get the latest up-to-the-minute HMI news and views from around the world on your home page's " HB News and Entertainment" section.  Look for daily updates on the challenging issues facing Haitian music artists, as well as details on new recording and tours, and information regarding the latest gossips and behind the scene happenings that only us dare to report.Listen to and purchase Haitian music by top Haitian recording artists/bands, movies, books and other artists' products.Take a virtual trip to Haiti on  You can visit our "food" section to learn first-hand about culinary traditions and trends, outstanding restaurants and tantalizing recipes.  Learn about Haiti's rich culture through, arts, crafts and Haitian society in general.Discover new CDs in our "new releases" section.  From Haitian roots, compas, Hip Hop Creole, Ragga, gospel, Haitian jazz and other Haitian alternative.Use 's CD reviews to help you decide which music recordings to add to your collection.  Each of Haitianbeats CD review is thoughtfully and knowledgeably written by a top Haitian music experts.Expand your mind with Haitianbeats' comprehensive coverage of "books" on subjects ranging from Haitian music, Haitian literature, to world politics.  Feel like seeing a movie? "movie" section will inform you of the most innovative and worthwhile Haitian films.You can collect articles about your favorite Haitian music artists by printing them out directly from our website.  You can also email articles to friends, sharing your passion for your favorite artists/bands on our "message board", or share your concerts and festivals experience.Haitianbeats' goal is to provide its readers with information on the traditional Haitian culture.  Our job is to keep our readers hip to new trends and old customs alike.  The HaitianBeats experience is aural as it is cerebral, allowing our readers to hear some of the music they are reading about.In a new millennium when the need of each nation's sensitivity to, and appreciation of, other cultures has quickly become glaringly apparent, HaitianBeats is doing its part to educate by using our reach culture as a common denominator.  HaitianBeats's goal is to appeal to Haitian music fans of all stripes.
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Philadelphia Radio Station serving the Haitian Community: Information, education, entertainment, Sports.
Radio Sky FM was launched in New York City, USA, March 3, 2007. We aim to share with the Haitian community and other people the joy of life that animates us. And the happiness that dwells within us since we created this station. We hope that Radio Sky FM will be for you a faithful friend in the good times of your life and in difficult times. Through its programs, you will discover a new way of living and thinking. Another way of being in harmony with the world. Every weekend we offer live broadcasts that are different from bridge between the Diaspora and the motherland. So take the time to listen and get to know us. You will not regret it! Radio Sky FM , the present world in all of you. Explore here all old and new tubes as you like, day and night. Radio Sky FM, your favorite music 24/7. Especially for you, Radio Sky FM offers the function command line. You see the music library of the station you listen to what you want to hear and read the times you can listen to the music you love.
Haitian Book Directory Online. Livres by for about Haitiens...Retrouver tout les livres sur Haiti / Haitien
radio Star Haiti  based in Haiti reflects the lives of the upscale listener, living in Haiti’s mostrapidly growing region. Our programming is targeted at the ambitious young adult, middle aged professionals between ages 20 and 50 with the spending power. Music and News are our major focus the two that ensure the best of entertainment and provide an exciting lifestyle. The language base is 30% French and 70% Creole . Star Haiti broadcasts 24 hours a day. Our equipment is unmatched with back up to stay on at every given time.We delight in promotions and events as powerful tools to drive a brand’s profitability.
The Haitian Connexion Online. Welcome to our FORUM. Feel free to post a message, news,,Stay informed 24/7. Get the latest news, headlines, current events about Haiti and Haitian WORLDWIDE.Breaking News...Coverage of Haiti, the Haitian people and Haitian issues...Constantly updated ....Invite your friends to joint this Group. Each year more than 2 million visitors get their daily news, listen to Haitian radios from Haiti, NY, Florida, Boston, Montreal & Atlanta and watch TV from HAITI NEWS NETWORK, one of the most powerful Haitian information pages online.....Let's connect and share the latest news and headlines about Haiti and Haitians collected from newspapers and news agencies worldwide.The perfect place for Haitian Discussions, Haitian...
The Haitian Connexion Online. Welcome to our FORUM. Feel free to post a message, news,,Stay informed 24/7. Get the latest news, headlines, current events about Haiti and Haitian WORLDWIDE.Breaking News...Coverage of Haiti, the Haitian people and Haitian issues...Constantly updated ....Invite your friends to joint this Group. Each year more than 2 million visitors get their daily news, listen to Haitian radios from Haiti, NY, Florida, Boston, Montreal & Atlanta and watch TV from HAITI NEWS NETWORK, one of the most powerful Haitian information pages online.....Let's connect and share the latest news and headlines about Haiti and Haitians collected from newspapers and news agencies worldwide.The perfect place for Haitian Discussions, Haitian...
Radio haitienne emettant d'HAITI
Radio haitienne emettant de BOSTON
Radio haitienne emettant de NEWYORK
Radio haitienne emettant de LA FLORIDE
Radio haitienne emettant du CANADA
News, Radio. tv, Business from Haitians in Atlanta , Georgia
Radio Triomphe   101.9 FM SCA Brooklyn NY
Tweets by @HaitiNewsNet
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Haitian Internet  Radio & Televivions Online
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TOUT HAITI: Le Trait d"union entre les haitiens
Paroledelivrance, Inc. is a not-for-profit, religious corporation as defined under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, located in New York, USA. Paroledelivrance is a multifaceted, soul-winning ministry committed to proclaiming the Gospel including the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14. We believe in the imminent return of Jesus Christ. The goal of this Ministry is to glorify Jesus, strengthen, and save souls through the preaching of the Word of God.
The concept of BONPOUNOU means: "GOOD FOR US".
Voix Chretienne is the voice of the people of God. Created in May 2, 2013 by Raymond Moise.
Radio Omega 96.3 FM SCA..La décision de fonder une institution dénommée Omega Communication s’apparente à celle de César de franchir le Rubicon. Son action a été alimentée par cette déclaration à jamais célèbre : alea jacta est, le sort en est jeté. Nous paraphrasons cette même formule pour centrer le ballon à Radio Omega. .
Radio Eclair first appeared on June 4th. 1988 one hour a week on WTHE 1520 AM on Long Island, it was not a gospel show at that time, the host of the show was Acélus Etienne. In 1995, the program was moved to WGBB 1240 AM in West Babylon, Long Island. Two years later WGBB was moved to Merrick, and on January 25th, 2003 Radio Eclair changed its format to gospel. Radio Eclair became a 24/24 hour radio station on January 1st, 2003 on 92.7 FM SCA, 67 KZ. On Sept. 2008, Radio Eclair started broadcasting only on the internet at and kept its gospel format....Now, Radio Eclair broadcasts on 94.7 FM SCA, 67KHz. NY-NJ & CT., and 88.9 FM SCA, 67KHz. for Suffolk County, Long Island
Radio Essentiel est une autre station à caractère purement évangélique, émettant sur un recepteur de radio internet captant plus de 15 000 stations a travers le monde et en ligne à l'adresse Nous ne sommes pas sous la tutelle d’une quelconque mission, ni d’aucune religion. Nous croyons en Jesus le Seul Sauveur par Excellence de l’Humanite. Nous prêchons Sa Venue et Son Retour prochain. Nous confessons la Foi Chrétienne dans le Père, Le Fils et le St Esprit de Dieu.
Radio Gospel Music..Welcome to WOW Gospel...Our goal is to keep you with all you need as a child of God on the to Heaven.
HM Radio, Inc. is a 501(c)3  institution dedicated to  providing a platform to all  Haitian immigrant  communities around the  world to be engaged in all  aspects of social,  economic, political and  environmental  development of their  native land through  sustainable media contents  and small scale projects in  specific local communities
RadioNago est une station communautaire, non commerciale, educationnelle,conformement aux normes que le gouvernement:Federal communication commission""FCC""..Le fonctionnement de notre radio station depend uniquement de la participation de nos auditerurs a tout point de vue..
Radio Puissance Divine est une organisation chrétienne. C'est un organe médiatique, conçu au service de l'Evangile, donc du royaume éternel de Dieu.  Le but de cette station* C'est de propager la Parole de Dieu dans toute son intégralité et dans toute son efficacité pour faire connaitre que Jesus-Christ est l’unique Sauveur du monde.
La Radio Melody fm   est une radio indépendante, sans but lucratif, qui souhaite établir un pont avec nos auditeurs dans le monde. Cette Radio, est essentiellement dédiée à tous les Haitiens et etranger sous ses différentes expressions, rassemble tous les styles, et qui diffuse une information objective défendant les valeurs de liberté, de démocratie et de respect des droits de l’homme dans   toutes les origines mondiales, le plus objectivement possible, donc sans favoritisme particulier !
Welcome to will feature a vast collection of content relevant to the seeker of spirituality and holistic wellness.
Radio KOMPA Lakay
Live Haitian radios on line . Les radios haitiennes en direct et sur le net
Haïti Radio Live est une l’une des stations de radio en ligne le plus célèbre tyhe sur Haiti.Haiti Radio Live diffuser différents types de dernière hip hop, classique, danse, musique électronique, etc. Haïti Radio en direct la retransmission en direct d’Haïti. Haïti en direct adresse officielle de la radio est