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 Creole service. Voice of America Internet Broadcasting
RADIO EN DIRECT D'HAITI Live Haitian radio online
Haiti News Network
Afro Montreal: Musique Live 24/24 | Live Music 24/7 | Audios & Videos: zouk, kompas, mbalax,makossa, mapouka, ndombolo, hip hop, rap, r&b, salsa, ...etc.
The Best Source For Haitian Music, Entertainment, Arts, and Culture.
Radio / Television frequencies in Haiti
Welcome to Radio-Locator, the most comprehensive radio station search engine on the internet. We have links to over 10,000 radio station web pages and over 2500 audio streams from radio stations in the U.S. and around the world.
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bel mizik FM
Hairian Music online. Musique Haitienne.
Les Radios Haitienne sur le Net. Haitian Radio on the Internet.
Haitian Music Reference. La musique Haitienne sur le WEB
Radio haitienne emettant d'HAITI
Radio haitienne emettant de BOSTON
Radio haitienne emettant de NEWYORK
Radio haitienne emettant de LA FLORIDE
Radio haitienne emettant du CANADA
Quality Calling Cards at the LOWEST PRICES. Call Haiti for Less than 9 cents a minute.  Calling Cards: Find the lowest prices. Haiti Best Phone Cards and Calling Cards!    Haiti Calling Cards from 8.1¢/min. ... Haiti phone card rates as low as 8.1 ¢ /min. when calling from USA.  The Best prepaid calling cards and prepaid phone cards to call from USA to Haiti .  Haiti phone cards.  Best calling cards rates to Haiti.
Haitian Community forum. fowom ayisyen. Ann pale. News, music, sports,art, culture, politics, love & ronance, gossip ( zin).
Radio Pacifica: Your Peace & Justice Communiyi Radio Station
Livres Haitien en FRANCAIS
Radio le a rive ...Christian radio
Radio des Nations Unis. United Nation Radio
ZABASEARCH  The #1 Free People Search and Public Information Search Engine.  Find Relatives, Friends, Classmates, A Lost Love, Anyone!
News, Radio. tv, Business from Haitians in Atlanta , Georgia   If you have ever wanted to surf on a Haitian website, where the members are nice, educated,  now you've got it! is the Haitian family website. Make sure you visit the forums and chat rooms., from its modest beginning was established for the purpose of bringing together all Haitians. _ To promote unity among Haitians and encourage them to do the best job in life. is the web site whose mission is to serve all Haitian communities and to promote and strengthen cultural, educational, ties between Haitians and Americans. We are one of the most visited Haitian websites
Radio tele lumiere Haiti.  The Radio Lumiere Radio Network was inaugurated on February 20, 1959. It was begun by the Rev. David Hartt of the West Indies Mission (later known as World team). During its 40 years of existence Radio Lumiere has grown from a single radio station on the southern peninsula of Haiti to a network of five AM and three FM mono stations, and one FM stereo station. These stations, linked by mountaintop relays, comprise the only network of its kind in the country of Haiti. This enables it to broadcast to more than 90% of the Haitian population. In many rural areas it is the only radio broadcasting available to the local people in either of the two local languages, Creole and French..     On February 20, 1959, Radio Lumière was inaugurated in the city of  Cayes, on the southern peninsula of Haiti by the World Team Mission. In 1968 the main production studios were moved to Port-au-Prince, the capitol city. Since that time Port-au-Prince become the hub of the network.          Much has been written about the wealth of the West and the impoverished conditions in which many must live in lesser-developed countries. Those in the developed nations have not only been the beneficiaries of good health and enough to eat, but they have also been flooded with information via print, radio and TV. They have gone through the mass media revolution of the past century, and have become familiar with various forms of communication technology. However, only recently have those in the developing countries begun to experience that revolution. Where once the traditional method was to convey the message by word of mouth, the channels of message distribution are now changing rapidly.            Haiti certainly must be included as one of these developing nations. As is true of many of them, the primary media option available is that of radio. One of the unique features of the mass media revolution in Haiti is that it is the sole country in the world where the only really nationwide communications network is in the hands of the Christians.            Furthermore, in its 29 years of existence, Radio Lumière has developed a reputation for integrity and credibility. While existing under the legal structure provided by the government of Haiti, it has played an active role in change - dealing with injustice, economic, social and other issues vital to human development, and by seeking to reinforce development  national network has proven a genuine concern for its county - dealing with human rights and development in a consistent, even handed manner, not favoring any particular individual, party or political sector. It is widely accepted as an educational/cultural network, existing for the good of the general population, and without any politically-inspired bias whatsoever.            Since 59, Radio Lumiere grown from a single station into a network of six AM and on FM Stereo stations and can be heard by 94% of the population of Haiti. Theses stations, linked by mountain-top relays, comprise the only such network in the country and therefore the only radio service available to a large majority of the Haitian  (In many rural areas Radio Lumière listenable signal in French and Creole during major portions of the day). A great deal of time, effort and financial resources have gone into making this a reality. Nor has this investment been only in the purchase and maintenance of the technology. An equal emphasis has been placed on the programming for the network, most of which is produced locally in the Radio Lumière studios. Much of this programming is planned for the poorer segments of the Haitian population. There are some one million Haitians whose annual average income in less than $300 (US). In spite of their poverty many of these people own radios. Radio Lumière programs, especially in rural areas, to meet the special educational and informational needs of theses lower classes.            Haiti has not been without  change itself during this time. Roads, air travel, and the telephone have all contributed to an increasingly changed lifestyle for the Haitian. Along with these changes have come local commercial radio stations in Port-au-Prince and some of the rural towns. With the advent of these local stations serving the local communities, Radio Lumière has kept in step by initiating local programming produced in studios built near each of its regional network outlets. Here programs are produced by trained local people and to meet the special needs of the local communities. In keeping with this same emphasis too, a special FM stereo station was added to the network in 1975. Its purpose is to program in French and English, specifically for the upper class populations of Port-au-Prince, Pétionville and Kenskoff.
TELE IMAGE TV SHOW. Tele Image Tv show is a magazine formated tv show featuring news from haiti, entertainment, music videos, interviews, movie reviews and more
Haitian Student - is the online community for haitian students worldwide. .
The Haitian Studies Association (HSA) The Haitian Studies Association (HSA) is a tax-exempt educational organization that promotes research on Haiti and Haitians, identifies and disseminates information on Haiti, and has an international network of competent experts to address Haitian issues, both from disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. HSA serves as a resource for various institutions and policymakers in and out of Haiti, and encourages discussion and debate on all aspects of Haitian society in Haiti and in the diaspora. HSA seeks to foster linkages and working relationships with educational, research, and civic institutions in Haiti.The association is hosted by the Haitian Studies Project in the Department of Africana Studies at the University of Massachusetts-Boston.Membership in HSA is open to all persons interested in advancing its goals and objectives, regardless of ideological persuasion, ethnic origin, occupation, residence, gender, or academic discipline. HSA is led by a Board of Directors, which is responsible for establishing the organization's policies and orientation.Since its inception in June 1989, HSA has been addressing a variety of issues relevant to the many facets of Haitians' lives. It sponsors the following activities:The annual conference The Journal of Haitian Studies The quarterly newsletter Roundtable discussions on Haitian policy Symposia on Haitian bilingual education programs in Massachusetts and New York Haitian authors series Public lectures HSA's activities are essentially interdisciplinary, combining the arts, sciences and the humanities in order to foster a better understanding of Haitian culture, social, economic, and political conditions. HSA strives to maintain a balance between Haitian policy issues and academic research. HSA is a conduit for policy research on issues affecting Haiti.
Everything Haitian. One of the most powerful haitian information pages..You will find everything haitian on it. Check it out
Your source for Haitian Events InformationMake us you weekly stop to what is happening and where to go. Be sure to subscribe to our e-mail listRockmasters Entertainment:   THE WEB SITE FOR HAITIAN EVENTS INFO - WITH WEEKLY E-MAIL BLASTS TO OVER 30,000  members.
Sakapfet.  FREE Public Service Annoncements or Events in the Haitian Community
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. Virtual Haitian Community  Haiti and everything related to Haiti is represented in this community with more than 12000 members.    the dynamic Haitian portal with more than 11000 members. The best resources on Haiti..
Kompa Magazine:Your #1 Info On the Haitian entertainment Industry. what's going on in the Haitian music industry.??? Haitian Music News 24 h as it happens...
Haitixchange: Haitian Forum. Peyi nou pap tombe. has entertained and informed hundreds of thousands of web surfers who have made over 4 million visits since the site's inception in 2001. The site was started by Pascal Antoine after searching for, and rediscovering his roots in Haiti. He immediately fell in love with the country, wanted to share it with everyone and dispell negative myths and misconceptions. Sympathetic to the country's plight, Pascal decided to dedicate his online expertise to the upliftment and advancement of the country.  This site is for everyone, people who have never been to Haiti, people of Haitian descent who want information on their homeland, and the many members of the Haitian Diaspora who are desperate for a virtual link to "lakay."
FOUYE:  The Haitian search engine.  Everything about Haiti is on  If it's About Haiti, It's on Fouye
Cliquer   pour visiter 1000 Haïtian sites +  héberge un annuaire de sites Haïtiens et un répertoire de journaux et des universités du monde.  Il est rédigé en Franglish ce qui veut dire pour nous, en Français et en Anglais.  95% des sites dans l'annuaire sont exclusivement Haïtiens.  Ils y sont représentés de manière systématique et  relativement organisée.
Radio station world: your global  radio station directory.  Broadcasting information and stations on the web, browse by location...    RadioStationWorld is an informational directory dealing with the radio broadcasters worldwide. We also depend are many people around the world to help us keep the RadioStationWorld listings up to date. Some of the features you will find on our site include listings of local radio stations on the web, in depth listings of local television broadcast stations throughout North America, including contact information. Also featured are national and regional broadcast networks, digital radio information, satellite radio and radio service providers, as well as a growing list of links to sites that deal with the radio broadcasting industry, such as community broadcasters, shortwave radio, Internet broadcasters, organization trade publications and associations and more. Enjoy RadioStationWorld, we hope you find this site useful to whatever your needs are, but remember, we do depend on people like yourself to help update in an ever changing broadcast industry.   LIVE RADIO FROM HAITI.   AM RADIO 840 10kW      Radio 4VEH (4VEF) - Cap-Haïtien HT.. religious-French/Creole FM RADIO 92.7 -      Radio 7 FM - Cap-Haitien HT.. music vairety/sports 94.7 1kW      Radio 4VEH - Cap-Haïtien HT.. religious-Fr./Eng. 98.1 -      Radio Lumiere|rep. - Cap-Haïtien HT.. religious 102.3 1.5kW      Radio Balade FM - Port-de-Paix HT.. soft ac/romantica 106.9 -      Sans Souci FM - Cap-Haïtien HT  Central Plataeu, Haiti AM RADIO 720 1kW      Radio Lumiere (4VIA)|rep. - Petite Riv HT.. religious 740 1kW      Radio Lumiere (4VIE)|rep. - Pigon-le-Jeune HT.. religious FM RADIO 91.7 -      Radio Centrale - Liancourt HT 95.3 -      Radio Provinciale - Gonaïves HT.. variety 99.1 -      RTC-Radio Tele Caleb - Saint-Marc HT  Jacme, Haiti FM RADIO 93.1 1kW      Ambiance FM - Jacmel HT  Les Cayes, Haiti AM RADIO 760 5kW      Radio Lumiere (4VU)|rep. - Les Cayes HT.. religious 780 500W      Radio Lumiere (4VO)|rep. - Jeremie HT.. religious FM RADIO 98.5 1kW      Radio Vibration FM - Les Cayes HT 102.5 -      Radio Macaya - Les Cayes HT 107.9 -      Radio Lumiere|rep. - Les Cayes HT.. religious  Port-au-Price, Haiti AM RADIO 590 -      Radyo Timoun|on FM - Port-au-Prince HT.. community, childrens 660 5/1kW      Radio Lumiere (4VI)|on FM - Port-au-Prince HT.. religious 1050 -      Radyo Ginen (4VLB)|on FM - Port-au-Prince HT.. news/Haitian music 1280 10kW      Métropole (4VAM)|on FM - Port-au-Prince HT 1470 1kW      Radio Lakansyèl (4VAA)|on FM - Port-au-Prince HT 1560 10kW      Voix de l'Esperance (4VVE) - Port-au-Prince HT FM RADIO 89.7 -      Voix de l'Esperance - Port-au-Prince HT 90.9 -      Radyo Timoun - Port-au-Prince HT.. community, childrens 92.1 -      Radio Lumiere|rep. - Port-au-Prince HT.. religious 92.9 -      Radyo Ginen - Port-au-Prince HT.. news/Haitian music 95.3 -      Tropicale Internationale - Port-au-Prince HT 97.9 -      Radio Lumiere - Port-au-Prince HT.. religious 98.5 -      Radio Ibo - Port-au-Prince HT 99.3 -      Radio Vision 2000 - Port-au-Prince HT.. Soca/Reggae/Hip-Hop/Jazz 100.1 -      Métropole - Port-au-Prince HT 100.5 -      RFI-Haïti (4VFI2) - Port-au-Prince HT.. news/info, 24h 102.5 -      Zenith FM - Port-au-Prince HT 103.7 -      Radio Lakansyèl - Port-au-Prince HT 104.5 -     Galaxie FM - Port-au-Prince HT
Haiti Music Video: All the best haitian music videos online
#1 African music website . The first Internet TV playing Live African music.  AfricaHit est une tele Haut-debit en direct sur internet 24h/24 et 7 jours /7.Vous avez juste besoin d’une connection Haut-Debit(ADSL, Cable..) , d’un ordinateur et de windows media player pour PC ou Macintosh. Chaque mois , nous vous offrons des milliers de clips videos de Coupé Decalé, Zouglou, N’dombolo, Soukouss, Reggae Africain, Hip Hop Africain, musique Senegalaise, Camerounaise, Malienne etc…
Echo d'Haiti: Kote tout  ayisyen se star.   The intent of the web site is not political, but artistic and cultural. We hope to showcase Haitian talents of the past, present and future. is a website promoting Haitian culture in the United States of America. The site does not focus on political issues, but rather on culture, people, and history.
Tele Panou. Television haitienne...Haitian television
Welcome to  HaitiAN Marketplace  Online ,  your secure online shopping source for merchandise. Haitien Market Place Online: Find everything you need: Books, music, DVD, VHS, Magazines, Electronics,  Nenwpaper, magazines,Everything  Haitian, by Haitan and for haitian..... .  Un centre du livre haïtien sur internet. Des ouvrages d'Haiti et sur Haiti. .One of the most powerful  Haitian information pages. You will find everything Haitian on it. Check it out .Haitian products & services:: Books, Music, Flag, travel info, Cars, Hotels, stamps, arts... Haitian Market place  center. online
 Haitian Community forum. fowom ayisyen. Ann pale. News, music, sports,art, culture, politics, love & romance, gossip ( zin). Haitian Breaking News..
Radio Tele Horizon 2000.   Radio Tele Horizon
Live from Orlando Florida.Location: Orlando, FL, United States  Radio Haiti Connexion - RHC is to inform, entertain and to please our listeners around the world.   Radio Haiti Connexion 's main mission is to facilitate information sharing and communication among Haitian-Americans, Haitians in Haiti, Haitians of everywhere, Caribbeans, scattered throughout the world. Our mission is, using the newest information and communication technology, to inform, entertain our listeners, and to broadcast programmings that meet the highest standards of journalism, citizen journalism and cultural expressions.
BIENVENUE SUR LE SITE DU GROUPEDE La prière est la clé qui ouvre toutes les portes - Rien n'est impossible à DIEU - La conséquence la plus grave du péché c'est que l'homme a peur de Dieu - La prière humble et implorante triomphe de tout, même de Dieu - Le Christ nous a délivrés non pas forcément du mal de souffrir mais du mal de souffrir inutilement - Il faut prier comme si tout dépendait de Dieu et agir comme si tout dépendait de nous - Tu nous a faits pour Toi, Seigneur, et notre cœur est inquiet tant qu’il ne repose en Toi. Prière CHARISMATIQUE Notre Dame DE LA VICTOIRESEIGNEUR, A QUI IRIONS-NOUS ? TU AS LES PAROLES DE LA VIE ETERNELLE.
Planet compas, la station mondiale du compas
RADIO PORT-AU-PRINCE PLUS Eglise Baptiste Des Rachetes du ChristRev. Jacques L. Deliat Chaque Dimanche de 4 heures a 5 heures P.M. Pain de VieFr. Noisius Wesner Chaque Dimanche de 7 heures a 8 heures P.M. Daniel Lormil Racontre avec les amoureuxChaque Dimanche de 9:30 heures a 11:00 heures P.M.  La voix de L'ambassade du ChristRev. Jean Raymond ElienChaque Samedi de 9 heures a 10 heures P.M.    PRESENTED IN CREOLE & ENGLISHETUDE BIBLIQUE/BIBLE STUDIES/MUSIQUES EVANGELIQUES/GOSPEL MUSIC/PREDICATIONS/SERMONS/NOUVELLE/NEWS/INFORMATION GENERALE/GENERAL INFORMATION.
Tele Lakay
  Haiti's super web directory.  We are one of the most popular and visited Haitian websites. Most Popular Haiti Sites based from Alexa Classification. Most Popular In Haiti. The most visited site online about haiti  in all 'Haiti' categories. ... most popular and visited website by and about haitians online . The best reference about haiti and haitians online on the web.   What is this directory about ? The answer is: information about HAITI & HER DIASPORA. Sometimes some people wander how they can help Haiti. I came across many young Haitian Americans and friends of Haiti who ask that question. As a researcher (doing research mostly related to HAITI), I realize that it is important to have an ON LINE DIRECTORY that would include everything related to Haiti. There also people who are researching on Haiti and who are constantly asking for information because they did not have access to a directory that would include everything from “A” to “Z”. I took note of that and try to use the access of the internet in order to ease research on Haiti in the 21st Century. So, I invite anyone interested in Haiti to visit this directory to see what's there and to send us what they have available to enrich it. We post the documents free of charge and we try to update the directory quite often since people are constantly sending us new information. I would like to credit Marilyn Mason for some prior works done in relation to this web research. Also, “thank you” would not be enough to say to Mrs. Francesca Palli who is the webmaster; she has demonstrated her deep love for Haiti by spending long hours arranging these documents so that everyone can have access to them. Themes and electronic texts (mostly in English, French, Haitian Creole / Kreyòl; few are in Spanish) cover areas such as: Art; Art & Literature; Associations & organizations; Bibliographies; Business; Civic duties; Conferences; Consumer rights; Culture; Development; Diaspora; Directories; Dissertations; Documents related to the Dominican Republic and Haiti; Editors (different areas); Embassy & Consular; Employment; Environment and Weather; Essays; Forums; Genealogy; General research; Government; Haitian Creole; Haitian media (in Haiti & the Diaspora); Health; History; Human rights; Human services; Individual CV's; Institutes; Institutions; Language (and resources); Websites; Legal issues; Literacy (in Kreyòl); Link to creole speaking countries; Literature (French, Creole); News; Orthography (Haitian Creole); Politics; Publications; Publishers; Religion; Science & Technology; Translators (English, French, Haitian Creole).
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 Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program airing on over 140 stations in North America.
Sur les ondes: Le blog de la radio et de la télévision en Haïti
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. is the number one destination for Haitian entertainment, music, cultural news, reviews and information.  We welcome the veteran world music fans, the collector and the novice.Read about popular and upcoming Haitian music artists on, by exploring feature articles about Haitian music legends and today's new stars.Find out about Haitian music concerts, party scenes and festivals with our user-friendly search options.   Click on our " review " tool bar to learn about music concerts and festivals.  Click on the "reviews" toolbar to discover the hottest hangouts wherever you are.  Search for Haitian music happenings by artist, month, day, year, city, and state.Get the latest up-to-the-minute HMI news and views from around the world on your home page's " HB News and Entertainment" section.  Look for daily updates on the challenging issues facing Haitian music artists, as well as details on new recording and tours, and information regarding the latest gossips and behind the scene happenings that only us dare to report.Listen to and purchase Haitian music by top Haitian recording artists/bands, movies, books and other artists' products.Take a virtual trip to Haiti on  You can visit our "food" section to learn first-hand about culinary traditions and trends, outstanding restaurants and tantalizing recipes.  Learn about Haiti's rich culture through, arts, crafts and Haitian society in general.Discover new CDs in our "new releases" section.  From Haitian roots, compas, Hip Hop Creole, Ragga, gospel, Haitian jazz and other Haitian alternative.Use 's CD reviews to help you decide which music recordings to add to your collection.  Each of Haitianbeats CD review is thoughtfully and knowledgeably written by a top Haitian music experts.Expand your mind with Haitianbeats' comprehensive coverage of "books" on subjects ranging from Haitian music, Haitian literature, to world politics.  Feel like seeing a movie? "movie" section will inform you of the most innovative and worthwhile Haitian films.You can collect articles about your favorite Haitian music artists by printing them out directly from our website.  You can also email articles to friends, sharing your passion for your favorite artists/bands on our "message board", or share your concerts and festivals experience.Haitianbeats' goal is to provide its readers with information on the traditional Haitian culture.  Our job is to keep our readers hip to new trends and old customs alike.  The HaitianBeats experience is aural as it is cerebral, allowing our readers to hear some of the music they are reading about.In a new millennium when the need of each nation's sensitivity to, and appreciation of, other cultures has quickly become glaringly apparent, HaitianBeats is doing its part to educate by using our reach culture as a common denominator.  HaitianBeats's goal is to appeal to Haitian music fans of all stripes.
Live Broadcast: Watch the 2009 Carnival live from Haiti
 ERITAJ FOUNDATION,  Partnerships for a Better Haiti.  ERITAJ Foundation was established in the United States to foster the creation of Haiti-based social service systems conceived, developed and organized by indigenous leaders with community people.
Watch Live TV or Broadcast Live On Your Website, Free or Pro, Live Streaming Video, Video Chat Rooms, Internet TV, Free Live TV.  Watch Live TV or Broadcast Live On Your Website, Free or Pro, Live Streaming Video, Video Chat Rooms, Internet TV, Free Live TV.
Television en Direct
Watch Live TV from Haiti  or Broadcast Live On Your Website, Free or Pro, Live Streaming Video, Video Chat Rooms, Internet TV, Free Live TV.  Watch Live TV or Broadcast Live On Your Website, Free or Pro, Live Streaming Video, Video Chat Rooms, Internet TV, Free Live TV.
FORUM HAITI: l'UNION FAIT LA FORCE . Débat sur le Changement de l'Etat et la Société, POU YON HAITI MIYÒ
Live stream Broadcast from Haiti 24/7.
lIVE 24 HR. Haitian Radio from Montreal. La Radio de la communaute Haitienne de Montreal, Quebec, Canada
WWITV: World Wide Internet TeleVisionYour Portal to watch live and on demand online TeleVision broadcasts.   WORLD WIDE INTERNET TV: Les Télévision en direct sur internet (2100 chaînes en ligne.   Huge collection of free Live internet Television stations - over 2100 online Television channels available..  Watch Live TV stations broadcasting on the internet for free - Over 2100 online TV Channels available.
Haiti - Island Television (ITV) is a multicultural company that produces and airs world-class television programs for the Caribbean/African-American market. ITV specializes in productions aimed primarily at multicultural audiences with a mission to give voice to the relevant issues, interests and concerns of today’s Caribbean/African-American audience in an educational and entertaining way-transcending race, class, and religion. Island Television features News, trends and features on Music, Fashion, Entertainment, Politics and Health.Island Television strives for excellence and offers its programming daily on Comcast cable to more than 800,000 households in Dade and Broward counties. ITV offers a variety of programs that highlight culture, news, entertainment, travel, politics, and fashion for the entire Caribbean market. Island Television has something for everyone!
Philadelphia Radio Station serving the Haitian Community: Information, education, entertainment, Sports.
Watch live tv channels of Haiti, See free television on the Web, watch TV of Haiti Directly on your computer.Haiti Actualite en images..Haiti news Pictures. Haiti photo gallery. Images of Haiti  .Sakapfet: Watch news from Haiti
Haitian Book Directory Online. Livres by for about Haitiens...Retrouver tout les livres sur Haiti / Haitien
Bienvenue sur Le Site Web Du Carnaval 2012. Pran Plezi'w Tèt Kale!!    .Plezi Kanaval» est une série d’émissions télévisées de 60 minutes, diffusées 3 fois par semaine (lundi, mercredi et vendredi) réalisées et produites par Carel Pèdre et Hibiscus MultiMedia Company (HMC).  Plezi Kanaval sera présentée par Carel Pèdre. Ce show se veut être le show télévisé de référence pour toute l’actualité et la promotion du carnaval 2012 en Haïti.
The radio guide includes all stations you hear on your car radio as well as Internet radio. Listeners can access their favorites through their PC and other connected devices including cell phones and home entertainment centers. We offer free no-hassle registration so listeners can customize their radio experience for faster access each time they visit. Listeners can skip registration and enjoy all of the same benefits of listening to radio. They’ll just have to find their favorites on every visit.
GAMAXLIVE.COM : Une radio généraliste. Elle vise à développer un savoir-faire communicatif de divertissement : Musique, Information éducation, formation. Un canal d’expression d’idées et d’opinions.La première WEB RADIO ethnique de langue française en amérique du nord. Une radio de proximité. GAMAXLIVE.COM proposera à toutes et tous de partager des valeurs universelles:Un espace ouvert aux confrontations d’idées. Une Radio active!  Recevez nos émissions live et restez en contact avec cette radio qui n'a qu'une mission : Vous servir et vous offrir ce qu'il y a de meilleur  !!!
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The Haitian Connexion Online. Welcome to our FORUM. Feel free to post a message, news,,Stay informed 24/7. Get the latest news, headlines, current events about Haiti and Haitian WORLDWIDE.Breaking News...Coverage of Haiti, the Haitian people and Haitian issues...Constantly updated ....Invite your friends to joint this Group. Each year more than 2 million visitors get their daily news, listen to Haitian radios from Haiti, NY, Florida, Boston, Montreal & Atlanta and watch TV from HAITI NEWS NETWORK, one of the most powerful Haitian information pages online.....Let's connect and share the latest news and headlines about Haiti and Haitians collected from newspapers and news agencies worldwide.The perfect place for Haitian Discussions, Haitian...
The Haitian Connexion Online. Welcome to our FORUM. Feel free to post a message, news,,Stay informed 24/7. Get the latest news, headlines, current events about Haiti and Haitian WORLDWIDE.Breaking News...Coverage of Haiti, the Haitian people and Haitian issues...Constantly updated ....Invite your friends to joint this Group. Each year more than 2 million visitors get their daily news, listen to Haitian radios from Haiti, NY, Florida, Boston, Montreal & Atlanta and watch TV from HAITI NEWS NETWORK, one of the most powerful Haitian information pages online.....Let's connect and share the latest news and headlines about Haiti and Haitians collected from newspapers and news agencies worldwide.The perfect place for Haitian Discussions, Haitian...
Haitian Internet  Radio & Televivions Online- features a wide range of news, Haitian radio: Newyork, NewJersey, Boston, Florida, Georgia, Canada, Chicago, France, Haiti
bel mizik FM
GamaxLive   Live 24 h Compas music   La Radio du Compas 24/7
Radio Kiskeya Haiti
.Live 24 h. The Haitian Voice of New England. Radio concorde Boston
La Reference qui s'allie a l'Experience.    En Haiti ou en diaspora, le besoin d un niveau de reflexion plus élevé se fait sentir. Maximum FM vous l'apporte. Radio Maximum est le meilleur choix sur le net et la bande FM. A un moment ou notre Haiti semble filler à toute vitesse vers l'abime, Radio Maximum se veut etre une radio communautaire ayant pour mission d'aider la majorité nationale à se ressaisir pour éviter le pire.  Avec une salle de nouvelles diversifiée, des présentateurs sportifs éxpérimentés, des animateurs formés, capable de vous informer, Maximum est tout ce qu'il faut pour un plaisir au maximum.    Advienne que pourra, Maximum reste et demeurera la voix de la raison et de la determination en Haiti et en diaspora.
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24 Hr. Radio Haiti Amerique Internationale.  La radio de la communaute Haitienne de la Floride....Listen live to Radio Haiti amerique International
Live Haitian radios on line . Les radios haitiennes en direct et sur le net
Alter Radio - AlterRadio en direct d’Haiti - Une autre idée de la radio. AlterRadio, lancée formellement le 20 octobre 2015, est accessible sur la plateforme AudioNow, relayée par Tunein. Elle s’approprie les nouvelles techniques de diffusion, mais se veut beaucoup plus qu’une webradio.  AlterRadio s’inscrit dans la quête d’une Haïti véritablement démocratique et reprend, à son compte, les expériences de radios indépendantes, communautaires et populaires des dernières décennies. Elle se projette, en même temps, dans une perspective de transformation des pratiques de production et diffusion radio.  Elle se veut généraliste et intervient dans les divers champs - économique, politique, social et culturel - en contribuant à la mosaïque de paroles qui traduit la réalité de la société haïtienne.  AlterRadio représente une évolution naturelle des travaux de Médialternatif, axés, entre autres, dès le début, sur la production audio.
Haïti Radio Live est une l’une des stations de radio en ligne le plus célèbre tyhe sur Haiti.Haiti Radio Live diffuser différents types de dernière hip hop, classique, danse, musique électronique, etc. Haïti Radio en direct la retransmission en direct d’Haïti. Haïti en direct adresse officielle de la radio est
challenges Le 1er hebdomadaire d’information générale en Haïti..hallenges est une nouvelle source haïtienne d’information avec une actualité fiable et précise.  Source d’information pertinente sur Haïti, les Caraïbes et le monde entier, Challenges attire l’attention des plus grands leaders d’opinion avec un contenu unique.  Non seulement ce nouveau média est séduisant avec son design qui offre une lecture agréable, mais il est également fier de proposer un contenu pertinent et exclusif.  En plus d’une diffusion nationale importante, les articles de Challenges toucheront les haïtiens à travers le monde entier.  En effet, la version «print» du magazine aura une version digitale qui sera diffusée via differents services. Cette experience digitale, associée aux reseaux sociaux garantit une intéractivité permanente avec son lectorat.
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